Where Does Your Organization Belong on the BI Spectrum?

All companies benefit from improved data visibility and reporting. But without understanding your options and how they fit with your organization's needs, no BI project can be successful.  

Join Microsoft Dynamics BI expert Cristian Nicola for a look at the different types of BI tools available to Dynamics customers, as well as some key points on how to maximize your BI investment.

This session will cover topics like:

  • What Dynamics partners should be telling their clients about their BI options
  • Anatomy of a BI solution: what makes up a BI solution and how to put it together
  • Leverage what you already know: a look at the high value features of Excel and how far they can get you.
    • Self Service BI:
      • PowerPivot
      • ODATA and NAV 2013
    • "Full Service" BI:
      • Analytical Reports with Pivot Tables
      • Formatted Reports with Cube Functions
    • Beyond Excel: what are the limitations?
  • Why BI solutions succeed in features but fail in adoption: what are some of the hurdles of BI implementations and how to avoid them

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