What About the Platform? Key considerations for your next Dynamics ERP upgrade

A new software release shouldn't be the only consideration when reviewing your Dynamics ERP upgrade plans. The supporting infrastructure of your solution plays heavily into how you address risks like downtime, performance, and integration with other systems. This year alone, two important supporting products are rolling off the support lifecycle: SQL Server 2008 went off mainstream support in July of 2014, and Windows Server versions 2003 and 2008 will roll off support in 2015.

So how should you consider all the platform and cloud options when upgrading? View this webcast to learn:

  • The upgrade roadmap for all four Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions
  • What's next after Windows Server 2003 and other key considerations for supporting infrastructures
  • New cloud and licensing options - and when they are beneficial to long-term Dynamics customers (and when they're not)
  • Key questions to ask when considering an upgrade with a move to the cloud

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