Mastering the Buying Process: How to make Dynamics CRM your marketing and sales hub (Recorded Webcast)

It used to be that sales and marketing had control over the entire sales process with their customers. Today, over 57% of the buying process is complete before your sales rep's first call. With more peer review sites than ever before and access to a wealth of knowledge, buyers are now empowered to do a majority of the sales process before ever interacting with a salesperson. Terrified by these stats? Don't be.

Join Dan Griffin, Microsoft Channel Director for Silverpop, as he shares the landscape of today's buyers. Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is the linchpin to getting ahead in the sales process, allowing you to meaningfully interact with your prospects from the second they begin their research. It is OK to let your buyers drive the car - you just need to ensure you're prepared for the ride. 

View this webinar and you will learn:

  • Why implicit behaviors are critical to capture in the sales process
  • The importance of a unified sales and marketing platform
  • How using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the hub of your corporate strategy can boost your sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Case study examples that demonstrate the power behind behavioral marketing automation