Moving Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the Cloud? Options and Considerations for Full or Hybrid Hosting (Recorded Webcast)

The cloud has finally come down to earth for Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers. In the last eighteen months, IT leaders and CFOs in midsize companies who swore they'd never look at moving their ERP solution into the cloud are migrating NAV to the cloud services infrastructure at a remarkable rate. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has moved from the early adopter phase to the early majority as offerings like Microsoft Azure, and other equally robust choices emerge. Why the sudden shift? 

In this webinar, Catapult CEO Elliot Fishman discusses the major IaaS trends and the drivers behind them, addressing some common myths and misconceptions along the way. Elliot makes the case for NAV in the cloud, explores the most common objections and provides examples from Catapult's recent experience that illustrate how NAV customers are taking advantage of IaaS to drive better performance, lower costs, and increased scalability.

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