It Shouldn’t Be Lonely At the Top: 10 Ways Retailers Can Retain Their Top 20 Percent

Customers are people first. From the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed, someone is trying to sell them something. 80% of the time, they're not buying. So what makes the other 20% so different? Relationships. Customers buy from retailers they feel connected to and listened by - simple as that.

Your top customers love your products, spend the most money in your stores, and tell their friends about you. Neglect them, and they'll do the same for someone else. Nurture your relationship with them, and they will bring you countless rewards.

Hear from industry expert and Raymark's Senior Vice-President Will Roche who discusses the top 10 ways to retain the top 20% of your customers. This new business model will include creating relationships that add value to customers, identifying which customers have an affinity for your brand, and determining who can be engaged most effectively. You will also learn the types of solution retailers need to use in stores and on the back end to make this vision a reality, including a five year view into customer strategy and how that affects which solution to implement.

Retailers, listen up! You can't treat customers like a number and expect a lifetime of loyalty. Customers are not difficult to please. All they ask is that you put some effort into your relationship with them, and they'll be yours forever.

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