Is It Big Data or Lots of Smaller Data? How to Evaluate BI Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics (Recorded Webcast)

Looking around the BI marketplace, we're forced to navigate through massive amounts of jargon and buzzwords. A prime example is "big data," which for many organizations at a Fortune 500 level is a reality that can't be ignored in their systems architecture. For many others on the Microsoft Dynamics platforms of AX and CRM, the reality isn't necessarily "big data," but rather, integrating and aligning lots of disparate data coming in from legacy systems, forecasting, online feeds andyour Dynamics ERP and/or CRM itself.

In this webinar, Zap's Chief Operations Officer, Garth Laird, will briefly explore the history of BI as it relates to the evolution of vendors and industry trends. He will evaluate how these trends align with the needs of Dynamics customers and will examine the key question: "Is it big data or lots of smaller data?". Additionally, Garth will discuss how the BI evolution should inform purchasing decisions for Dynamics customers and common pitfalls to avoid when making an investment in one of the most important business systems for any company.