CRM User Adoption: The Key to Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences (Recorded Webcast)

CRM has grown to a $20 billion business, but attaining maximum customer satisfaction with the solution remains elusive. Recent evidence shows that the speed of CRM deployments is often given priority over usability and value to users, causing adoption to suffer after the sizzle of the "implementation" is over. But great user adoption is often the key to delivering amazing customer experiences. 

By moving from a technology and task-based model to a more emphasized focus on the user and customer experience, you can truly see a return on your CRM investment. Join us to learn how to increase user adoption and help your organization get more out of your CRM in 2015 and beyond.

View this on-demand webinar and discover:

  • Reasons CRM adoption can hold the key to delivering amazing customer experiences
  • Techniques to utilize CRM to seize customer intelligence and achieve more personalized customer relationships
  • Ways to impact your bottom line by improving customer experiences
  • Tips to boost productivity and user engagement with simple Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancements
  • Methods to improve user experiences with Tribridge Adoption Essentials

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