How ISVs Monetize the Cloud (Recorded Webcast)

ISVs face a unique challenge with the proliferation of cloud offerings in the market. How do they convert their most popular on-premise solutions into reliable cloud offerings? And how do they adapt their organization to a model that's based on monthly recurring revenue? Furthermore, with the various cloud tools, platforms and providers available, how do you address performance, security, and risk on behalf of your customers?

Watch this webcast to learn how ISVs are monetizing the cloud. As the leader of an organization that helps ISVs make the business transformation to the cloud, Greg Pierce will discuss the benefits and challenges of moving your offerings to the cloud. You'll hear practical examples of how you can meet market demand and grow profits with cloud-based solutions, including:

  • Solution mapping and planning for the cloud
  • Steps to adapting billing to more predictable revenue models
  • Keys to delivering an enhanced application experience in the cloud
  • Real-life examples of ISVs who have successfully expanded their target market via the cloud

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