Cloud EDI Best Practices with Dynamics 365 for Operations (Recorded Webcast)

Grafting traditional EDI software onto Microsoft Dynamics 365 is like connecting a VCR to an HDTV: yes, it will work, but not very well... and not without significant effort, expense and frustration.

In this recorded webinar, Ryan Handley and Steve Norris from TrueCommerce explore the EDI best practices that a cloud-first solution enables, including:

  • Greater automation and accuracy by eliminating rekeying-even for complex ASNs
  • Reduced reliance on IT resources by putting EDI processing in the hands of business users
  • Reduced need for customization by leveraging native Dynamics 365 workflows and business rules
  • Rapid deployment using Microsoft's Lifecycle Services for accelerated time-to-value

Ready to embrace a cloud-first EDI strategy? Have questions about your options? Wondering about the "real" costs of cloud-first versus traditional offerings? Watch this webinar today!