Replacing Management Reporter, FRx and Forecaster – All at Once (Recorded Webcast)

With Microsoft discontinuing development on Management Reporter and Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics, the MSX Group* has custom-built an easy-to-use replacement solution for your financial reporting, budgeting and analysis needs - PROSPERO®. Bill Thomas and Derek Krebs demonstrate how Prospero can manage all of your financial report creation and distribution and then use those same report definitions as the basis for your budget and forecast input screens. Take away the uncertainty of your financial reporting and budgeting future and enjoy great features such as:

  • Automatically expanding report and input rows (no need to edit Row Definitions and Line Sets for new accounts)
  • Generating reports directly to Excel or to the printer (a great feature that was available in FRx but lost in Management Reporter)
  • Publish only the reports that you want to publish (no need to clutter up the database with every copy of every report you ever run)
  • Analyze data with interactive charts and graphs (even drilldown through your charts and graphs)
  • NO need to import budget balances back into the GL (your reporting is handled in the same application!)

* Who is the MSX Group? We are former Microsoft employees from the original FRx, Forecaster and Management Reporter Development, Consulting, Training and Support Teams who have over twenty years invested with these products and customers.

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