Six Steps to Optimize Dynamics AX Performance (Recorded Webcast)

Time is money.  Nowhere is this adage more true than in the competitive world of manufacturing where productivity and system inefficiencies can have a direct impact on a company's bottom line.

ERP systems are implemented to help employees work together efficiently, while driving toward common goals like customer satisfaction and profitability.  However, over time the data generated by these systems tends to grow exponentially and can become the source of a gradual degradation in performance. A poorly performing system leads to frustrating bottlenecks in productivity and is often addressed by quick but expensive hardware upgrades.

If your AX system is not running at optimum performance levels, it is costing your company time and, therefore, money.  Don't miss this on-demand webcast to hear an industry expert talk about some of the root causes of this gradual degradation in performance and explore six specific steps you can take to maintain your Dynamics AX system. 

As you will learn on this webcast, there are many tools and resources available to help you optimize the performance of your AX system. 

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