Applied Internet of Things (IoT) Scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM (Recorded Webcast)

During this fast-paced session Microsoft technical architect Alex Anikiiev explains how companies can implement industry scenarios using Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, and a broad range of Microsoft IoT services. He provides many of examples and and demos that include: 

  • Simulation of manufacturing equipment using Robotics with sensors/actuators,
  • Connected devices/Data collection, 
  • Azure Cloud storage, 
  • Azure Mobile Services, 
  • Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 apps, 
  • Universal apps (HTML5/JS), 
  • Power View, 
  • Power BI, 
  • Big Data (Azure HDInsight), 
  • Azure Machine Learning, 
  • Microsoft Solver Foundation optimization, 
  • Project Siena apps connected to CRM/ERP, and 
  • Cutting edge Smart Glass technology 

It is a complete story of IoT delivered by Microsoft! Download the slides here, or view the recording below.