Know the Score: How Improving Document Management Boosts Procurement Operations

Organizations that are serious about improving procurement operations must take an end to end approach that is driven by the metrics and tied to results. As in sports, the wins and losses matter, but the best analysts understand the stats that contribute the most to the bottom line.

Document management remains one of the key process-related areas of procurement where metrics can be tied to performance and optimized with excellent return on investment. Using Business Process Improvement (BPI) methodology, we will present an approach to creating improved procurement operations that will focus on key steps including:

  • Using process mapping to understand how document management impacts the Procurement workflow
  • Determining barriers to Improvement
  • Use of systems and quality tools to document processes
  • Building a procurement performance scorecard

“Know the score behind the score.” Following a BPI approach will lead to:

  • Measurable short-term results
  • Continuous ongoing process improvement
  • Breaking down functional silos in the procurement process
  • Accurate assessment of document management and automation needs of your organization

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