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Sales Playbook for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

Use guided selling/ sales playbooks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE to guide team members on how to respond to events at each stage of their business process (sales or otherwise). With Business Process Checklist, a Microsoft AppSource Preferred App, managers no longer need to be worried about the quality of actions by their team personnel or errors in record updates, or even the cost of non-compliance, as they can enforce the defined/desired business process.

With Business Process Checklist:

  • Advise your team personnel on the next steps and actions in line with predefined playbooks in response to triggers in the sales /customer life cycle
  • Enforce best practices, adherence, and compliance with defined business policies at every stage
  • Monitor risks and put in mitigation measures
  • Create people-independent systems that allow processes to move forward irrespective of specific sales personnel availability

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Available for: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM v8.2 above, Dataverse Deployment type: Online Platform: Desktop, Tablet, and Phone