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PartnerTalks: Benton Belcher of EasyTerritory, Part 2

In the world of geospatial mapping, EasyTerritory takes the road less travelled. 

As co-founder Benton Belcher explains, the company’s journey began with a tasty twist. 

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the global fast food chain, needed help implementing its Dynamics solution – but the company had a special request. It wanted to integrate a mapping solution with its CRM. 

“We wrote an application that allowed them to manage their franchise boundaries on top of Bing Maps,” says Benton. He says his first foray into geospatial mapping led to co-founding EasyTerritory, which is, today, a leader in that sector of ISVs. 

“It kind of grew from there.” 

EasyTerritory’s choice to leverage Bing Maps proved fortuitous when Microsoft chose to discontinue MapPoint, leaving a void in the market for mapping solutions. EasyTerritory stepped in to fill the new gap, offering businesses a way to manage sales territories and plan routes effectively. Over the next decade, the company continued to innovate, adapting to the evolving needs of its customers. 

Today, EasyTerritory strongly emphasizes two key areas: Power BI and PowerApps, Benton says. EasyTerritory’s territory visual for Power BI allows users to create insightful heat maps and drill down into data within regions. On the PowerApps front, EasyTerritorys EasyMap application empowers field sales reps to plan routes seamlessly, integrating with Dynamics for real-time data access. 

“We’re also very Partner-friendly,” Benton adds.  

Primarily, Partners bring EasyTerritory in when a large enterprise needs complex territory management within Field Service. Additionally, Benton says EasyTerritory offers reseller options. 

EasyTerritory's journey, from helping burger chains manage franchises to empowering businesses with cutting-edge geospatial mapping tools, is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. As it expands, EasyTerritory remains a leader in ISV companies, driving businesses toward success through location data.

EasyTerritory is the leading map-based application for territory management, sales and service productivity and spatial business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Excel.