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Connect Mailchimp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Improve Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Marketing4Dynamics by Inogic is a Microsoft AppSource preferred productivity app that provides robust Dynamics CRM Mailchimp integration. It syncs Mailchimp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM data like customers along with their marketing statistics data ensuring easy and quick access to information without navigating from one application to another.

Get a unified view of your customer engagement insights for your sales using Marketing4Dynamics:

  1. Supports two-way sync of contact data
  2. Tracks interactions
  3. Provides Mailchimp campaign statistics on CRM dashboards
  4. Move leads through the sales funnel on a single platform.
  5. Track key metrics such as- Open rate, Click rate, Unsubscribed count

Start improving your marketing efforts today!! To explore more, download a 15-days free trial of Marketing4Dynamics from our website or Microsoft AppSource!

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