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Building Scalable Sales Processes with Automated Playbooks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Every organization's success is dependent on the right sales process that gives equal attention to relevant customers & prospects. Business Process Checklist by Inogic ensures that everyone on your team is following the right processes through the use of predefined playbooks. The Business Process checklist guides users through what actions should be taken at what time assuring adoption, execution, and consistency in business processes inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Using checklists, Business Process Checklist users can implement playbooks at each stage of the sales or business process. Every stage has requirements and Business process checklists aid in putting business-specific standards into practice. The Business Process Checklist aids in process consistency, compliance transparency, measurability, risk reduction, employee satisfaction, and productivity. Top features of Business Process Checklist that make it the best app to streamline and standardize business processes: 

• Create, revise, and delete plans to offer best practices to users for controlling business operations.
• Create checklist-type and business process-type plans.
• Create plans of OOB, custom process flows, and custom groups.
• Auto-attach plans to records when specific criteria are matched.
• Managers can view the plans and track plan progress.