TRIMIT helps companies reach their business goals.

HOW? * First, our focus on specific industries has allowed us to develop a solution that covers your needs right from the start - instead of the bespoke solutions that TRIMIT normally replaces. * Second, our experience pays off for you in the form of a short implementation time - instead of never ending and overly expensive implementations done by companies with little or no industry expertise. * Finally, a simple yet effective web solution means you can connect your suppliers, agents or business customers to your system directly - instead of customized web solutions that do not get the job done properly.


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  • Gold Certified Microsoft Partner: TRIMIT is a gold certified MS partner displaying best in class capabilities for its service area of ERP functionality add-ons.
  • Microsoft ISV Embed Partner: TRIMIT add-ons aren’t third party alien wares that tamper with the foundation of your ERP. The solutions are fully integrated with and embedded within the Dynamics NAV framework.
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (CfMD): TRIMIT is fully compatible with MS Dynamics NAV and has met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner developed software solutions.

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Toldboden 1
8800 Viborg
Phone: +45 7020 8970

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  • Gold Microsoft Partner
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV