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Since 1990, Mavim has been empowering organizations around the globe to execute their business and digital transformation initiatives. Mavim supports more than 1000 customers, with over a million end-users worldwide and possesses an extensive partner network that spans 27 countries and includes Microsoft, award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner UXC Eclipse, Infor, award-winning Microsoft PPM partner Projectum, Astran and the Big Four.

In one platform, Mavim supports the management and integration of six primary Business and IT Management themes that enable successful transformation. The Mavim proposition is unique in that it empowers organizations to continue to use familiar Microsoft technologies (think: Visio, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL) which provides a straightforward environment for the planning and execution of strategic change. Additionally, the Mavim software is infinitely scaleable. Decide where you want to start (ex. BPM within HR) and expand and adjust the scope as the needs of the business change.

Customers use our software for a variety of improvement initiatives, including quality management, business process management, project portfolio management, operational excellence, lean six sigma, and continuous improvement.

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50 Milk Street
Boston MA 02110

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