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About Dynamics TMS:

Dynamics TMS® is a division of Next Generation Logistics, Inc. We are a Gold Certified ISV Partner with 25 years’ experience specializing in supply chain consulting, managed transportation services and logistics software which has "Plug & Play" integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software modules.

Leveraging exclusively the Microsoft Technology Stack, DynamicsTMS® Transportation Management Software is a Tier I Solution that allows companies to implement, execute and manage transportation strategies on a single location or global basis. Users can select, optimize and assign carriers to traffic lanes so that loads are tendered and priced to selected carriers automatically based on least cost routing. In addition it handles consolidated loads and pool trucks, arranging multiple stops in the optimal sequence as well as coordinating inbound and outbound routings. The system provides automated costing by freight type and traffic lane and maintains an analysis of inbound and outbound traffic for benchmarking purposes. It also manages carrier pickup and delivery appointments and collects claims data for automated claim filing.

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1611 Colonial Parkway
Inverness IL 60067-4732
Telephone: 847-963-1686
FAX: 847-963-0079

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