A Primer on Workflow Management Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

March 6 2009

The workflow management capabilities within Dynamics AX 2009 reflect an underlying conceptual model than can be applied to an approval process for differentsituations, ranging from the simple to complex.   A layman's understanding of this conceptual model can help youframe a solution approach to each situation. Some example situations include the approval process for purchaserequisitions and new items. 

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Scott Hamilton has consulted globally with several hundred manufacturing/distribution companies on SCM and ERP issues. His publications include multiple books about SCM using Dynamics 365FO/AX, two textbooks about SCM/ERP, and 100+ articles in MSDynamicsWorld.com. Scott has been a frequent speaker at Microsoft and user group conferences around the world, and a 10-time winner of the rarely given Microsoft MVP award.

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Very good overview

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A great overview !