Multi-channel management: The new age of commerce

May 17 2013

After last month's Magento Imagine conference, the industry buzz around eCommerce is at an all-time high. Today's eCommerce options are so robust that they enable large companies the flexibility to manage their web sales channel with a similar finesse as they do their store or other sales operations. Meanwhile eCommerce systems are so affordable that small companies are able to compete against larger retailers with a similar level of comprehensive features. While traditional eCommerce sites have given companies a taste of online

About Jeff Grundey

Jeff is VP of Sales Engineering at nChannel, a complete web-based, multi-channel management platform. nChannel can connect many of the systems you use to manage sales environments and easily manage the operations associated with multi-channel selling - using the systems you already own. Jeff is a 20 year veteran of the retail, financial services and insurance industry.

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