Why does your team need a custom mobile solution when you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or 2015?

April 24 2015

CRM mobility scenarios have become a hot topic as an increasing number of organizations find reasons to empower their employees with critical sales and service information in the field. As more people work in the field, they are also responsible for serving customers. For these remote employees, it is critical that they stay connected to customer-centric information while on the move.

With the releases of Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015, Microsoft has demonstrated real commitment to multiple device platforms, which has paved the way for some exciting enhancements. There is a new phone interface that now supports  the creation of "Draft" records when you are not connected to internet, allowing you to sync the data whenever you get connected.

Improved mobile support from Microsoft also means that mobile development service providers are even better equipped to create custom CRM applications for smartphones and tablets. They have been actively designing and developing mobile solutions for Dynamics CRM for years. Let's examine some of the business needs and technical requirements that custom CRM mobile solutions can now satisfy to meet organizations' next generation of requirements.

A custom app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enterprise security has and will continue to be a prime focus of every organization. Mobile CRM empowers you to manage users and devices - centrally.  You can manage:

  • Licenses of the hand held devices your employees are using
  • Synchronize the data from hand held devices - forcefully if required
  • Remotely wipe out the data from the hand held device of your employee

Offline features are amongst the favorites of organizations and employees as well. Strong offline capabilities empower the organization to take mobile devices wherever they need to. It enables remote sales users to both input and query for data of their opportunities, cases and customers. Field employees can complete work offline and then upload it back to the CRM server when they have an internet connection. It proves to be a lifeline for users in remote areas with poor or no internet connection availability.

Maps allow you to plot all your customers, opportunities and even activities for that visibility of what, how, and where everything is, so that you can plan your day, week, and month. The built in GPS on your smartphone or tablet works with an app and gets you directions for assistance on the road.

The calendar for Dynamics CRM, which can display CRM activities as well as personal appointments from your own device's calendar, is also amongst the top running feature. It means that a user can follow 1 calendar, with merged appointments, instead of toggling between 2 different applications.

Adding media - an exceptional feature that anyone and everyone would want to have. Some reasons for taking advantage of media capabilities include:

  • It enables you to take photos through the camera of your mobile device and attach it to your CRM records.
  • One can record audio.
  • You can also use your device to record electronic signatures.

Flexibility is the key driver to a strong mobile platform, as it allows you to build custom applications, with Dynamics CRM at the backend, including product demonstrations, catalogues, custom forms and much more.

The native features of mobile devices are a natural fit for Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015 use cases. Investments in new mobile apps should fulfill the promise of both personal and enterprise technology.

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