Who Loves NAV? New Suggestion Site Collects Hundreds of Dynamics NAV User, Partner Product Requests

June 16 2011

When Greg Kaupp of ArcherPoint wanted to submit product enhancement ideas for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, he found the current options a little lacking. Microsoft Connect had too many forms to fill out, and the mixture of bugs and suggestions that floated around across over 60 products did not seem to be getting traction.

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I have been consulting to the mining industry for the last 15 years, and have implemented a number of software systems, all of which had to be created from scratch. I am currently setting up a system using the Nav Software. What I have seen has been very good but there is a lack of mining specific content. Mining is highly complex from an operations and budgeting point of view, yet there is very little, in any software for that matter, that integrates both with drill downs in both actual or budget calculations. What I see with Nav is that budgets are produced in excel and then uploaded with a total number. The lack of drill down means it is difficult to explain variances and secondly reforecasting therefore has to completed outside the system and then re-uploaded. I have used tm1, cognos, ramesys and Xeras to build zero based budgeting and reporting models. This is hugely complex. But when setup can be used for Life of Mine, Feasibility Studies and monthly Reforecasting, together with what if scenarios Is Nav going to introduce this sort of functionality. I am happy to assist. There is a huge market out there for this sort of integration. Bruce Bruce