Listing tools to help Microsoft Dynamics users maximize the benefits of selling on eBay

June 25 2013

If you have a good number of items to sell on eBay, it doesn't take long to see the importance of finding a good method to list them on the site. Without one, you can spend hours or days trying to organize and enter them.

The first step of this often arduous process is to identify the necessary information, which includes:  

About Steve Weber

Steve Weber is the CEO of nChannel is a complete web-based, multi-channel management platform. nChannel can connect many of the systems you use to manage sales environments and easily manage the operations associated with multi-channel selling - using the systems you already own. Steve is a 13 year veteran and former Vice-President of eMarketplace Outsourcing Services for Sterling Commerce, a division of IBM. More recently Steve was named Microsoft Partner of the Year for Dynamics Retail and awarded Microsoft Retail Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of the year for his company's data sync solutions.

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