Microsoft Dynamics AX Master Planning Dilemma: By site or by site/warehouse?

April 11 2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX users have a fundamental dilemma when implementing master planning. They typically ask something like the following: "When I have multiple warehouses within one site, should l set up master planning to plan for site and warehouse or just for site?"

This question deserves careful consideration.

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I am Evert J Bos, ERP consultant since 1986. I started in Europe with IMS7 (A Honeywell Bull Mainframe ERP system) and the BaaN ERP system. Since 1995 I have worked in the USA and since 2004 I have been working with Dynamics AX.  I work for Sikich and focus mostly on manufacturing companies that make complex, engineered products.

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Evert, This is a well written article. The one question I would have is for a situation where you have 2 DC's that are conceptually at level 0 and there are specific products that are received into one and commonly transferred to the other. AX only seems to support a manual transfer process in this scenario. The sales order could be generated to ship out of DC-A(Level 0) but is always stocked in DC-B(Level 0) What are your thoughts?

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We have run into this at customers a few times , indeed. One can only make this work by using item coverage per item I think. These specific products can be planned for transfers from a level 0 to a level 0, I don't think the system objects to that.. I will have to try this asap.

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So are you suggesting that in Released Products > Plan Action pane > Item coverage > Overview > add the site warehouses then in the general tab > for the receiving warehouse Planned Order Type = Transfer?