New Survey by ERP Vendor Finds Dissatisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics, Other ERP Leaders

October 19 2011

The big enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors aren't meeting the needs of mid-size companies, according to a new survey conducted by YouGov for ERP vendor Intact Software (not to be confused with the financial and accounting software firm Intacct).

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I would caution against drawing too many conclusions from such a small sample. As noted above my Mint Jutras 2011 ERP solution study (which collected responses from over 1245 participants, of which I "qualified" over 900) included over 120 Dynamics customers. In that survey I collected data on satisfaction by 11 different criteria ranging from ease of use, fit and functionaility, ease and speed of implementation, TCO, integration technologies, flexibility to address changing business needs, etc. Satisfaction was rated using a scale of 0 to 4: 0: Not a requirement 1: Will never meet our needs 2: Does NOT meet our needs but could be improved 3: Generally meets our needs but could be improved 4: Fully meets our needs The average rating across all criteria for all respondents was 2.75 and for Dynamics customers it was 2.86. Now this is only marginally higher, but it is higher than the average, not lower. All respondents (on average) only rated one category over 3.0 (ease of use was 3.08) but Dynamics customers rated 4 criteria over 3.0 - ease of use 3.15, TCO 3.08, integration technologies 3.06 and flexibility to address changing business needs 3.02). I will share much more data in my keynote at Decisions 2011. Cindy Jutras, Principal/Owner of Mint Jutras