Understanding the Responsibilities and Motivation of the Microsoft Dynamics Application Consultant

April 10 2012

Application Consultant, Functional Consultant - the job title may different from one company to another, but whatever the title, the person doing this job around financial and ERP software is considered the  middle man between the application and the technology, as well as the key role for driving adoption of new technology by the business.

Microsoft Dynamics Application Consultant Skills

About Mohamed Aamer

Mohamed has been working since 2004 as a Business Applications Consultant. His main focus is customizing business applications to fit customer needs. He spends time understanding the customer business cycles, and solves the customer business pains through a combination of business process re-engineering and application customization. When not working on complex business processes, Mohamed blogs on Microsoft Dynamics AX, plays soccer and attends live Sufi shows.

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Dionesia D.Valencia's picture

Dionesia D.Valencia Thank you. This is a very informative considering that I am a candidate applicant for the position of MS Dynamic AX Business Analyst -Finance.Insightful for the career path I am taking up right now. I thought I am shifting to another career. No it's not. It's actually a continuity of my passion of doing analysis of business processes. As a former internal auditor, the skill will be a weapon to go on on this career path. I know it's a long way. But the challenge is a motivating factor to reach my ultimate goal, the position of Project Manager responsible of MS Dynamic ERP implementation. I like to take this challenge to keep my adrenalin pump in and makes me high spirit in achieving my goal, so help me God thru the intercession of Mama Mary. God bless me, so I could be a blessing to others.

medoo07's picture

Wising you best of luck in your career, being a former internal auditor will give you a very ood edge in your skill matrix..and give a tast to your implementations .... Good luck Mohamed Aamer, MCP, MCT

ggmacawili's picture

Thanks for this information,, i've been an application consultant for almost 5 years and the informations you provided are very helpful.. and be reminded also that being a consultant on this field should need a commitment to solved any problems that they encounter in the system,,,, and if ever you are in sales offering those ERP products they should know about the systems capabilities...

medoo07's picture

Glade you love my topic.. we are enjoing solving complicated problems...the big daily challange we are facing is know why does it happen? how, then solve it.... Enjoy your time.... Mohamed Aamer, MCP, MCT

srlarson's picture

I have been Consulting with Dynamics GP for 17 years through 9 different partners, including my own, and the amazing thing to me is that Owners/management misses some of the biggest motivation to this job, feeling like you have input into the company you work for. Clients pay 10's of thousands of $'s for our experience and knowledge and the companies we work for know better than us what a consulting practice needs and what we want as individuals. The other biggest mistake they make is thinking the clients belong to the Partner, and not the consultant...we build the relationship with the customer, and they trust us....and our bosses are still amazed when we leave and the clients move with us.

medoo07's picture

Totally agree we are the interface...we spend long day working in Business workshops and analaizing customer business cycles,solving cases, brainstorming....so customers does not know the partner. I most of partners does not have consultants retention plans...specially when moving to customer side... fogetten you are the main Asset (Human Capital) in the company. I am enjoying my time being in Customer side Mohamed Aamer, MCP, MCT

sharma.dinesh111's picture

Hi, I have one query regarding mapping in AX 2012, can we issue an item(diesel) against Asset(Genset). Please find below the process: Diesel Procurement-->Issue Diesel for a particular Generator-->Calculate consumption-->calculate Av. Cost per unit (Total value of diesel consumed/electricity generated) Need Help to map the process in std. AX!!! Regards, Dinesh

josphdrazr's picture

Hey Dinesh, which platform you are using kindly mention that...