Managing Supply Chain Management Relationships Requires an Effort Equal to Significance of the Relationships

Consultants, market analysts, and software gurus have voiced their opinions lately on what they feel are the best practices companies should implement to effectively manage the supply chain. Most points these experts make are valid, but for many companies the key question is whether they have the resources to make best practices work.

A case in point: Companies that buy supply-chain-related software and never install it. Perhaps they have a change in priorities or they uncover issues prior to installation and deem moving forward with installation is more trouble than it's worth? My gut tells me that they thought they would be able to plug in their application and immediately reduce resources, but then they discover that relationships can't be managed by technology alone.


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About Bill Knapp

Bill Knapp is the President of vSync. Bill has extensive experience in the evolution of supply chain compliance and EDI, having held executive positions at Compuserve and Sterling Commerce. Over a six-year span, Bill served in multiple capacities at Sterling Commerce, including President of Sterling Commerce's Internet Services Division, Director of Network Sales, Director of Vendor Implementation Services for large retailers, Enterprise Outsourcing, and Director of Market Development. Bill holds a B. A. from Bethany College and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

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