Making the Right Decision: SaaS, Hybrid, or On-Premise Models for Supply Chain Compliance

September 11 2008

In a previous column, I wrestled with the technical terms you'll often hear as you investigate SAAS, On-Premise and Hybrid models for using Microsoft Dynamics AX.  In this column I discuss how the various models impact workflow, and in our experience, which models work best for supply chain compliance.

About Bill Knapp

Bill Knapp is the President of vSync. Bill has extensive experience in the evolution of supply chain compliance and EDI, having held executive positions at Compuserve and Sterling Commerce. Over a six-year span, Bill served in multiple capacities at Sterling Commerce, including President of Sterling Commerce's Internet Services Division, Director of Network Sales, Director of Vendor Implementation Services for large retailers, Enterprise Outsourcing, and Director of Market Development. Bill holds a B. A. from Bethany College and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

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