Stop Complaining and Solve the Problem: The Hard Truth About Why Your Sales Team Does Not Use CRM

June 28 2015

I've been responsible for architecting, operationalizing and managing CRM and marketing systems for over a decade. I'm also in the Marketing Operations business and care deeply about data. Yes, I said deeply, and I am not being ironic.

During my career I've been part of more conversations than I can remember where marketers (me included) lament the lack of data at their disposal due to low adoption of CRM by the sales team. They say they're on the road too much. They complain that it's too hard. They just refuse to see the value.

About Megan Thomas

As Director of Marketing Operations, Megan Thomas is responsible for supporting the day-to-day activities of the corporate marketing team. Megan also directs a team of marketing professionals who manage web, social media, CRM, marketing automation, and data. With more than 15 years' of B2B marketing experience, Megan has a rich background in many forms of marketing, from direct mail to social, brand, collateral development, database, product marketing and more. Megan previously worked in the Learning and Development industry and has managed marketing programs and systems in the UK, Europe and Asia.

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chrisdew's picture

Megan, Great article on adoption and I wholeheartedly agree that you need to find those champions to make your CRM projects successful. Thanks, Chris

Beth_Bywaters's picture

Megan, We're in fourth month implementation of Dynamics CRM 2015. We have a relatively long B2B sales cycle. Sufficient data to construct ROI on new Accounts & current Account growth is way down the road. In the near term, shared Leads & Dashboards aids Management planning, interaction with reps appears to help management adoption. However, since it'll be months before we demonstrate ROI, we want to report progress in this first year, as we move through the sales cycle. Could you suggest a Lead to Opportunity conversion benchmark? Like, 30% of Leads get qualified to progress into Opportunity stage. Is there a better metric to show early-stage adoption? Thanks!