Six Key Questions to Ask Your SaaS/Cloud Provider

May 7 2010

It's often said "The only constant in business is change." For that reason it is prudent to think about the impact of change on your business and your risk mitigation plan to manage it before you sign a long-term CRM or ERP service contract.

Consider basic questions, such as, what has been the pace of change in your industry and in particular on your business the past three-to-five years? Has it accelerated or stabilized more recently? What degree of business change do you expect over the next three-to-five years?

About Tim Hourigan

Tim Hourigan, Enterprise Practice Co-Lead and Microsoft Dynamics Practice Partner for Armanino LLP - has over twenty years of business and IT project management and systems integration consulting experience for high-growth companies in the Life Sciences, High-Tech, and Business Services industries. Prior to joining Armanino, Tim was a Consulting Partner at Accenture where he served as both a client partner and the CRM & Billing Capability Industry Domain Lead for North America. His background includes extensive IT strategy, business architecture design and software selection client work.

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Linda wrote this great article on how to compare hosted offerings: