Microsoft Dynamics SL and Project Net Profit: Improve Project Performance Analysis and Manager Visibility

August 3 2011

If you are looking for a way to use Microsoft Dynamics SL to promptly get an accurate picture of how your projects are currently performing and how they will finish in relation to your estimate, then I recommend exploring the Project Controller module and the Project Net Profit screen. 

About Jack Boyer

Jack founded Boyer & Associates in 1994 with a vision to create a firm that could attract and keep the area’s best ERP consultants, developers, and business development people.

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Jack’s career began doing application and sales support for Solomon Software- the firm that created Dynamics SL. Jack was promoted to regional manager when the firm moved him from Philadelphia to Chicago in 1988.

Jack believes that finding the right software is only a piece of the challenge in implementing software. Without the right people to implement it, you only have half a solution. You need the right business analyst to flush out a company’s requirements and you need the right consultants to make the software align with those needs.

Jack has an honors degree in accounting from Penn State (1984) and passed the CPA exam while at Boyer & Associates.

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