New Book on Process Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Examines Broad Range of Business Models, Industry Needs

August 24 2010

For process manufacturing and distribution firms evaluating or implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP solution, the depth of the product's capabilities is both one of its greatest benefits and challenges.  Learning the range of features and functions is essential for leveraging the business models embedded in the software, and the relevant information varies for different teams and organizations. 

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joegulino's picture

I was able to get a pre-release copy of Scott Hamilton's book Managing Process Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. I found the book to be an easy read with a great deal of information related to using AX 2009 in a process manufacturing environment. This book is an awesome tool for use in making decisions during the implementation process, but also a valuable guide to positioning Dynamics AX during a software selection process. The case studies really solidified the content of each chapter.

m55russell's picture

Having read a prerelease copy of Scott's book. I would say it is a great book for someone implementing the new AX capabilities for process manufacturing, that wants to quickly ramp up their knowledge within a short time or for experienced AX users that want a handy reference book. Scott's book provides a detailed coverage of the new AX capabilities for process manufacturing and explanations of the incremental differences. The complete walkthrough of managing a process business using AX is an excellent tool for new users. I have used some of Scott's previous books about AX in my implementations, which also provided the same level of in-depth analysis and thoughtful insights.

fssdmg2's picture

This is an excellent book for ALL who have an interest in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The book is structured and indexed in a manner that allows you to quickly identify sections of interest. I especially like how Scott describes what is to be covered at the start of each chapter, and then numbers the sections so that you can maintain an overall understanding of where you are in relation to the material to be covered. This was for this reader most helpful in synthesizing the information into an overall context. Experienced AX implementers will be able to read the book and quickly learn what is new for Process Manufacturing, what existing Discrete Manufacturing functionality doesn't apply and very importantly what process functionality and language is simply a relabeled existing functionality in the process context. This book is not just a "what is different" book. It describes in detail the system settings and approaches to address manufacturing requirements be they process, discrete, or mixed. The book is full of diagrams and tables that are very helpful in describing the functionality available at various steps or based on policies selected. For non-implementers this book describes an amazing amount of information that you could use in understanding the depth of functionality available within AX and trigger process improvement initiatives or just to help make decisions about AX being the right fit for your company. Finally, as an experienced (insert grey hair here) manufacturing and process improvement specialist, I truly value books such as this that allow me to return to a text and continually refine my depth of understanding and the richness of the interaction within Microsoft Dynamics AX. This book is a must have! Be you an experienced implementer, someone wanting to understand the AX supply chain functionality, or a user wanting to better understand what functionality is available. Thanks Scott! Frank Stephens, MCPIT, PMP

einarulfsson's picture

Scott Hamilton has once again accomplished the difficult task of combining astute business advice of how to improve your process based company with detailed information of how to set up Dynamics AX ERP system as a tool to do so. It is a joy reading through the book and any consultant or manager of a process/chemical/food/pharma company should pick up this book as a first step in evaluating Dynamics AX against other fine ERP systems. Thanks Scott for a great job. Einar Ulfsson, CEO, Crossroads Partner.