How Chemical Manufacturers Can Use Microsoft Dynamics AX to Manage Co-Products

March 2 2011

The production process for many chemical products often results in usable co-products or unusable by-products requiring disposal.  In some cases, co-products may be used as an ingredient in the next production run of the parent item.  Other cases may require planned orders for the parent item in order to satisfy demands for its associated co-product.  As a result, co-products have implications for formula definitions, cost calculations, master scheduling logic and production reporting in an ERP system.  This article

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rishijyoti's picture

Hi Scott, You have expalined, if i may add, in very clear terms one of the key concepts from process manufacturing and how Dynamics Ax can help 'ERP-fy' the same I enjoy reading your posts/articles. Rishi

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Hi Scott, I cant reuse a coproduct as a raw material for another product. I cannot use alternative products since this functionality is only available for sales orders, can you give me an advice, thanks in advance. :)

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A co-product can be a component of a higher level item. It can also be purchased or transferred, in addition to being produced as a co-product. You also refer to the concept of "alternative products", which has several contexts. One context includes the use of substitute ingredients in a formula.'s picture

Hi Scott, What I learnt from Microsoft is that the use of recurrent co-product feature has been deprecated in AX2012, due to valid reasons. (It was available in AX2009 - Process add-on). However, the development of similar functionality is still under the radar of Microsoft. We may expect the feature in Rainer version. Regards, UdhayAnand AVB