Power BI Insights: Geography and geometry; Dimensional modeling; Data correction; Power BI Premium data extraction

August 18 2020

Power BI pros share their findings on new Power Query geography and geometry features, dimensional modeling, data correction and data extraction from Power BI Premium.

Using Power Query geography and geometry capabilities

Chris Webb looked into newly released Power Query functions, many of them focused on geography and geometry. The new functions—set to become available in Power Query for Excel very soon—make it more straightforward to work with Well Known Text formats and pair well with the Icon Map custom visual.

A single basic command is all that's needed to return records such as latitude and longitude, sparing users the need to figure out complicated x- and y- axis returns. Alternately, users can leverage M expressions to convert records into Well Known Text format or generate points and use them to build more complex objects. In fact, it's even possible to combine multiple line strings.

Benefits and downsides of modeling as dimensions in Power BI

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