Power BI Insights: Expression-based formatting; SQL Monitoring template; Bookmarks; Power Automate; Table.View

May 18 2020

Microsoft Power BI pros share their thoughts on expression based formatting, SQL Monitoring templates, Bookmarks, Power Automate and Table.View to improve query performance.

DAX expression based formatting

Writing on the Excelerator BI blog, Microsoft MVP Matt Allington called reader's attention to an easily overlooked but significant Power BI Desktop update in April. The discoverability feature has been added to function buttons. Users can hover their cursor and a vertical menu will pop up, showing the Fx button. This feature enables expression based formatting with DAX expressions. Examples of activities that could be taken care of with DAX formulas include changing the title of a chart or changing the formatting of the object.

He demonstrated a DAX formula for a header and recommended that fellow users share their feedback about the new feature on ideas.powerbi.com.

Using the Synapse SQL Monitoring template

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