Direct or VAN Based EDI - Which is Best For Your Company?

August 13 2015

As a professional who has helped over 1,000 companies implement EDI with Microsoft Dynamics ERP as their back office, I often get asked "What method of EDI communication is best for my company?" Since there are only two main methods of communications, an EDI Value Added Network (VAN) provider or Direct EDI, my response is typically the same. 20 years ago VANs were the only choice; however, most major trading partners support direct communications. Fortunately, the decision for most companies can be straightforward and should be based

About Brian Lynch

With over 18 years in ERP and Integrated EDI/XML solutions, Brian has experience in a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, process manufacturing, automotive, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, and food distribution. He has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP suites for 17 years in pre-sales support, direct sales, sales management, channel marketing, service, and customer support helping more than 1,000 organizations. He has a passion for listening to customers and partners and helping them solve their EDI and ERP business problems. Brian is a graduate of DeVry Universe with a B.S. In Computer Information Systems (CIS).  

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