MSDW Podcast: New challenges and opportunities in tax automation for Microsoft Dynamics customers

November 22 2021

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Changes in sales, use, and value added taxes around the world reflect other key shifts in economies, both local and international. As B2B and B2C commerce accelerated into digital channels starting in 2020, businesses were forced to not only reconcile their finances differently, but contend with any manual processes that would hold up their ability to levy and pay taxes. At the same time, companies have expanded geographically or digitally, making their tax burdens more complex. 

On this episode, Steve Johnston and Arun Raghavan of Vertex join us to discuss the state of tax automation and how it aligns with the ongoing shift to cloud ERP. As they explain, sales tax is not just about selling, it should be considered part of the broader customer engagement processes that touch sales, service, expense management, and more. And as regulations themselves evolve and modernize, the governments raise their expectations of businesses to comply, including the growing likelihood of the need in some places for real-time remittance and compliance.

Show Notes:

  • 2:30 - How Vertex customers have altered their approach to digital channels during the pandemic
  • 5:30 - The impact of digital channels on sales tax collection on both businesses and governments
  • 7:00 - The shift to cloud as companies see on-premises infrastructure as a greater potential risk
  • 10:30 - Roles that have been impacted by shift to digital, from CFO and compliance to procurement, sales, and more
  • 13:30 - How departments and roles are adapting: Geographic, role-based changes in today's economy
  • 16:30 - International M&A and stretching financial resources
  • 19:30 - From managing tax manually to embracing automated updates
  • 23:30 - Evolution of tax automation alongside other trends in ERP
  • 28:45 - Why companies are modernizing tax automation and Dynamics ERP at the same time
  • 31:30 - How to understand Microsoft's tax calculation engine in the context of broader tax automation
  • 33:45 - Recommendations on proper integration of tax automation software with Dynamics ERPs
  • 36:00 - How far will taxes reach into customer interaction in the future?

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