2014 ERP Predictions: Analyst foresees better buyer education, growth in mobility and BI, and more project failures

November 27 2013

It's that time of the year when industry analysts and experts don their thinking caps and brainstorm their lists of top IT predictions for the year ahead. Panorama Consulting's Eric Kimberling doesn't disappoint in Top Ten Predictions for the ERP Software Industry in 2014, a look at what he sees in store for the coming year for ERP. Kimberling's top 10 predictions include:

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Nice information. Yes, I agree that ERP buyers are becoming more educated and they should be aware about ERP selection. This is a fact that cheaper solution is not the right solution for the industries. ERP selection should always be made on specific industrial needs. Every manufacturing unit has different production processes and different functional area, so ERP system must be suitable to their processes for successful implementation.

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2014 can be a good year for the cloud technology. 2014's Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will enable the product to be sold both as cloud as well as on-premise. According to Gartner 60% of Server workloads that will be virtualized by 2014, a staggering percentage, especially when compared to 2008, when only 12% of server workloads were virtualized.