Creating a Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with eConnect and Visual Studio

July 22 2013

Now that you have successfully installed eConnect, we will examine the process of creating an integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP built with Visual Studio and the eConnect .NET API.  We will build a sample application, then dig into a few key details of the process that can be applied to any integration of this sort. 

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Gloria has experience across the full spectrum of business operations and management. Decades of experience are documented in the book Rapid Implementation, establishing Gloria as a specialists using Microsoft SQL tools for implementation, integration, and business intelligence related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Gloria writes and presents on lean implementation concepts and business management systems for small and mid-size businesses. 

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mgomezb's picture

Nice article. I would also suggest you look at using the eConnect Integration Service as an alternative to the actual .NET assemblies. It allows for creating distributed integrations without having to have eConnect installed everywhere. MG.- Mariano Gomez, MVP

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We will add one more article to this series showing an example of using eConnect with the Integration Service.

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This article is doesn't work for me. I'm too novice to know why. I'm using GP2013 and VS2017. My program stalls at the open form. No Customer.xml is ever created and the Customer002 is never inserted into TWO. Are there any resources that you would recommend to help me create a successful example? If I could create a successful example I'm confident I could then tweak it to work for me...I want to eventually use eConnect to create Inventory Transactions. Thanks,
Brad Voth