From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blogs: Extensions pain; PowerShell module; Automate translation; Employee account type

February 16 2018

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics NAV blog roundup:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV extensions and the add-in pains
  • CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper - my new PowerShell module
  • How to automate translation process in NAV
  • Dynamics NAV 2018 - employee account type

Microsoft Dynamics NAV extensions: Painful experiences

On the Stefano Demiliani Technical Blog, Demiliani stated that recently he had been in contact with a number of partners attempting to migrate their NAV solutions to the new Extensions V2 architecture.

However, Demiliani stated that this task is more than just a simple migration. Rather, the solution or at least some parts of it need to be re-engineered. The real problem migrating many NAV solutions to Extensions V2 and AL is one: porting custom NAV add-ins to AL.

So, the real problem that many partners actually have is essentially this: how can I do the jump to AL and Extensions V2 if my add-in (that's a core part of my solution) can't be ported to the new platform at 100% full features that we have actually and that customers needs?

According to Demiliani, at the moment, there's no clear answer to that question. In fact, users are forced to adapt it to what the AL platform actually is offering, which he doesn't believe is enough. What is needed is the full power of .NET in AL.

Demiliani stated that he has a couple ideas to share with the Microsoft team to solve the problem. You can read about them here.

CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper - my new PowerShell module

On Waldo's blog, Eric Wauters stated that he's been struggling trying to figure out how to managing "stuff" on Docker.

You know - the new kid in town that will see its use in many fields. We implemented a Docker-based environment for Build-server, for local dev, and now also for test servers for customers. And as you know - you can use is for much more!

In any event, Waldo stated that people need to install Docker somewhere. Although some users install it on their Windows 10 system, he believes that it belongs on its own server for the sake of memory management and other factors.

Waldo's new module, which while not a replacement of the navcontainerhelper module, is for when users aren't working on the same machines where they have installed Docker.

You can read more about it here.

How to automate translation process in NAV

On the Totovic NAV Blog, Aleksandar Totovic stated that the Partner Translation Tool for Dynamics NAV 2018 is now available.

However, in addition to this tool, Totovic stated that partners now also use Dynamics 365 Translation Services for NAV translation. To do it, partners need to have access to

But users who can't find the Translation Service have to enable NAV product availability under the Preview Feature Management tile. To do that, a user first has to create a new project.

You can find out how to do that here.

Dynamics NAV 2018 - employee account type

On his Dynamics NAV Essentials blog, Mahmoud M. AlSaadi stated that Dynamics NAV has always had a pretty simplistic human resources module and could barely cop up with the local requirements on an international level.

Rather than use the standard HR and payroll module in Dynamics, AlSaadi stated that his team turned to local HR and payroll solutions for Dynamics NAV rather than using the standard module.

Although, in several implementations, it's highly important to record ledger transactions on an employee, either as an advance payment, business advances, sales invoices . . . etc. In such cases, we suggest a vendor or customer card [for[ that purpose.

However, in Dynamics NAV 2018, Microsoft has introduced the employee account type to fulfill this requirements, so users no longer need to use the vendor/customer or even bank account as a workaround, according to AlSaadi.

You can read more about this here.

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