From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Blogs: Manage batch jobs; Error 412; Quality management; Security

September 10 2022

In this week's Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations blog roundup:

  • How to manage Dynamics 365 batch jobs
  • Analyzing Error 412 when exporting to data lake in D365 Finance and Operations
  • Quality management in D365FO
  • Security in D365FO: less is more

How to manage D365 batch jobs

Writing on his Dynamics 365 Musings blog, Peter Ramer noted that a Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system that's running many batch jobs requires keeping those jobs running effectively.

He explained that the best place to manage D365 batch jobs is on the "batch jobs" administrative form in D365FO. Ramer said this form shows all the batch jobs that have been set up to run, including batch jobs that were set up to run once and those set up to run on a recurring basis.

In his blog post, Ramer stated that to manage D365 batch jobs, you have to understand what each batch job status means and what each status describes. He also explained how to change the status of a batch job and how to create and manage a recurring batch job.

In addition, Ramer described how to investigate error messages on specific runs under the batch job history form and how to set up alerts to keep informed on the status of critical batch jobs.

Analyzing Error 412 when exporting to data lake in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

On the Stoneridge Software blog, Justin Thain wrote that the "export to data lake" feature is a great way for users to copy data from their D365FO environments into their own data lakes. However, before you can use this feature, you have to install it using the instructions for the Azure Data Lake add-in. 

You can select tables or data entities to export to your own data lake, but if you're exporting tables with more than 1,000,000 rows, you may receive error code 412, he noted. In his blog post, Ramer explained more about the error message.

Quality management in D365FO

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