From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement/CRM Blogs: Flow vs. workflow; Email options; Notifications; Import emails

January 3 2020

In this week's Dynamics 365 CRM blog roundup:

  • Microsoft Flow vs. Dynamics CRM workflow
  • Enhanced email option in Dynamics 365 UCI
  • Want to be notified when a contact is no longer with a company?
  • How to import emails into queues from Exchange

Microsoft Flow vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow

On his blog, Varun Singh noted that Microsoft is aiming to make it easier for organizations to transform how people work in their Office 365 ecosystems. He pointed out that one of the services that will help companies operate more efficiently is Microsoft Flow (now known as Power Automate).

These days while [creating] Dynamics CRM Workflow, you might have noticed the below Notification from MS: 'We recommend using Microsoft Flow instead of background workflows'

In his post, Singh explained why Microsoft made that recommendation. He discussed the technical reasons to use Flow and some of the uses of the service. He also included some of the disadvantages of using Flow.

Enhanced email option in Dynamics 365 UCI

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