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May 10 2019

This week on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement-CRM blog roundup:

  • Using the new solution checker in Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement flattening opportunity and opportunity products in Power BI
  • Qualify lead in Dynamics 365 through a Canvas App with Flow
  • Send Surveys To A D365 CE View

Using the new solution checker in Dynamics CRM

On his Bits & Bytes by Danish blog, Danish Naglekar stated that you may have some questions about a solution called "PowerApp Checker" that's installed in online CRM instances.

Naglekar explained what exactly PowerApp Checker is and how it works. In his blog post, Naglekar noted that you need to use the new interface. He explained what to do after you log into the PowerApp checker so you can see a list of all the solutions in the instance.

Once you have selected your solution on which you want to run the analysis expand the Solution Checker from the popup menu and click "Run."

Then once the analysis is done, Naglekar explained how to read the report. You can find out how and read the rest of the post here.

Dynamics 365 CE flattening opportunity and opportunity products in Power BI

On the Magnetism Solutions Dynamics CRM Blog, Colin Maitland pointed out that in D365 the opportunity and opportunity products entities form a header-detail relationship, which is a common type of relationship between entities.

In Power BI, the common practice is to flatten such header-detail tables into a single fact table.

In his blog post, he discussed two approaches that you can use to flatten the "opportunities" and "opportunityproducts" tables into one fact table in Power BI using the Power Query Editor. Maitland's sample data contained 6,066 opportunities and 123,748 related opportunity products.

You can read about how to flatten opportunities and opportunity products in Power BI here.

Qualify leads in D365 through a Canvas App with Microsoft Flow

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