From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM Blogs: Real-time marketing; Unified routing: Forgotten features; D365 Marketing release wave 2

September 23 2022

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This week on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement blog roundup:

  • Managing preferences, consent and subscriptions with Dynamics 365 real-time marketing
  • Unified routing: Preferred agent routing
  • Forgotten features of Dynamics 365: Territory management
  • The three most exciting items from the 2022 D365 Marketing release wave 2 plan

Managing preferences, consent and subscriptions with Dynamics 365 real time marketing

Writing on her blog, Amey Holden explained how to automate the update of contacts consent and marketing permissions so that it aligns with the subscription changes made. She noted that Dynamics 365 Marketing is transitioning from traditional marketing to real-time marketing. Describing this transition as growth from childhood to adulthood, she describes the application is in its “adolescent” phase.

One key feature that’s going through a big transition in Dynamics 365 Marketing was previously known as "marketing permissions," but it's now referred to as "consent." Because it gets even more complicated when you start layering in SMS consent or any other marketing channels, she opted to explain it solely in terms of email.

In her post, Holden explained the difference between outbound marketing permissions and real-time marketing consent and how to use outbound subscription centers in real-time journeys. Holden noted that although Microsoft explains how to do this, it doesn't take into account the need to synchronize consent changes across consent models. She describes the challenge in more detail, some of the risks, then offers a solution. 

Unified routing – preferred agent routing

On his blog, Neil Parkhurst wrote about a new capability coming to the unified routing feature in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service app that lets users route work items to agents based on a contact with one or more preferred resources. The use case for this feature is one where a user has one or more agents who frequently look after a particular customer, which means that if a customer has a question then it will be best handled by one of those agents.

You can also further define what should happen if those agents aren’t available. You could, for example, then route to any available agent using your normal assignment logic. Or the work item could just 'wait' until one of the preferred agents is available.

Parkhurst then explained how to configure the preferred agent routing option in your customer service admin center.

Forgotten features of Dynamics 365: Territory management

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