Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: What's needed next

August 21 2018

Train on tracks

It's just six months since I wrote to explain what this product codenamed Tenerife was. Its seems like a lifetime ago. Just days later it officially became Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, MSDyn365BC or BC for short. And just a month later, on April 2nd, it was available in the first markets.

About James Crowter

I'm passionate about how businesses can improve their efficiency by getting process optimal more of the time. For the last twenty five years I've worked to help organisations of all sizes and types implement the ERP & CRM software that typically they decide they need when things are going wrong. I've seen that work unbelievably well and enabled those organisations to rapidly grow but I've also had some hard projects over that time where it's felt more like warfare at times.

Since 1996 (and version 1.01) I've been working with a small Danish product called Navision that's now become Microsoft's Dynamics NAV and I've also been using and consulting around Microsoft CRM since 2005. As managing Director of one of the longest established first Navision and now Microsoft Dynamics partners I've been involved in the complete history including numerous product councils and system design reviews. It's my privilege to know many of the key Microsoft executives and product designers and have insight into both where the products are now and their future direction.

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