Warehouse Data Management and the Barcode Scanning Software Factor

November 29 2017

Warehouse shelvesThe challenges facing those who are tasked with managing a warehouse are not only multi-dimensional, they can be downright overwhelming. From coordinating the huge volume of incoming data to controlling inventory overstock obstacles, there is no shortage of roadblocks in the warehouse management game. This challenge is where data management comes into play, and it is a necessity even for small warehouse operations.

About Brian Neufeld

Brian Neufeld is director of marketing at Insight Works, a leader in Operational Productivity Improvement through the efficient implementation of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They focus on helping Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution companies get the most out of NAV with Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ons including barcode scanning solutions.

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Mary Bray's picture

We are testing Tasklet Bar Coding hand-held for raw materials, has there one launching Tasklet in NAV 2017 version? Any has one always extended the usage to WIP as well? Appreciate your experience.

jimwright334's picture

Not sure about Tasklet, but Warehouse Insight does production... https://www.dmsiworks.com/products/mobile-warehouse-data-collection/