Remaining Agile with CRM in the financial sector: Four strategies

October 11 2016

When I was growing up, banks were the icons of conservation. They were, by design, rigidly process-driven. Their investment decisions were cautious, as compared to investment markets (e.g. junk bonds and Black Monday), and they could be relied on for prudence above all else. It was all rather like the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank from Mary Poppins.

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Ross Musselman ( is the Senior CRM Project Manager for Microsoft Gold Partner Mint Management Technologies and solves business problems by managing people, projects, and programmes in information technology and software development across Africa, Europe and North America. Ross's core competencies include business analysis, project management, stakeholder engagement, process implementation, resource management, risk amelioration, and account management.

Watch the Mint Management Technologies/NDoH case study here.  

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