Why Now Is Simply Not The Time to Build Your BI Solution From Scratch

August 19 2015

After many years of the enterprise software market reinventing ERP solutions to run our businesses, why in 2015 would you consider the risk of building an ERP solution when you can buy one like Microsoft Dynamics AX, which has already had NASA program levels of investment leveraged against it?

The simple answer is: you wouldn't.

About Garth D.

Having seen ZAP from early days through to the present, Garth manages all of the commercial operations globally for ZAP which include Sales, Presales, Consulting, Support, Training and Customer advocacy. With BI such a vital part of any ERP or CRM deployment, ZAP has created solutions that massively add value to the Dynamics eco-system and mitigate risk for the very customers we all seek to serve.

With customers in 45+ countries and spanning local mid-market to Fortune 500 and beyond, Garth has seen the ZAP brand become synonymous with high levels of customer satisfaction creating an ever growing excitement in the channel, this supporting the long hours and tireless exertion needed and making it incredibly worthwhile.


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